Throw away all the remote controls, de-clutter rooms, walls & make the TV cabinet a thing of the past.

Imagine a system where you have total control of all your individual smart devices through one simple, fun interface to control them all? Welcome to a Control 4 Smart Home.

Control what you see through all the rooms in your home, pause live TV in one room and continue watching in another.  

Control what you hear, where & when.  With its intuitive touch screens, you can easily select your favourite playlists and stream audio to which ever room or selection of rooms you like, with multiple streams available everyone can enjoy what they like, when they like.

Lighting Control – Turn off every light in your home when leaving your home from a single button press or turn on selected lights when arriving home before you’ve even walked through the front door without doing anything!  Create powerful lighting scene’s, combine them with multi room audio to set the scene for a candle lit dinner for two or rock out with your very own pool party with a matching lighting scene creating the perfect vibe.

The possibilities truly are endless, with all your main systems in your home working together they become better, more flexible & smarter, leaving more time for you to enjoy the things you love.

Apple Fire & Security is a registered Control 4 agent together we would love to make your dream home a reality, whether you are after a single family room where you truly can enjoy movies together, or a chillout room where you can listen to your favourite playlists, maybe you want to go all out with lighting, blinds, heating, cooling, security, cctv, intercoms, gate control & multi room audio/visual content we’d love to get involved so get in touch and lets start the conversation.